The Geefeenkoe Foundation helps families with a disabled child.

A cow makes the difference!

A lot of families with a disabled child in Kyrgyzstan live in poverty. A lack of food and medicine, social isolation and alcohol abuse contribute to a hopeless situation. The gift of a cow from the (Give a Cow) Foundation helps these families to escape this situation.


In Kyrgyzstan a cow offers opportunities

A cow gives a family with a disabled child a stable income. It ensures:

  1. Enough food;
  2. Improvement of living conditions;
  3. Access to medical care;
  4. Growing up at home;
  5. Improvement of the position of women;
  6. Social integration;
  7. Less stigma.


The Geefeenkoe Foundation receives small and large donations.
Geef een Koe

Give a Cow

We give a cow to a family with a disabled child.


The family receives an income from the sale of milk and milk products.


The child can stay and live with their family within the community.

Give a cow!

Donating a cow will cost € 750. An individual or an organization which donates € 750 for the purchase of a cow can choose the name of the cow.

We welcome every donation, small and large. We put together the smaller donations to purchase a cow. This cow will be given a name by the Geefeenkoe Foundation.


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